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About Me

As a kid, I was a builder, and an excellent observer, making me a fast learner by watching and doing. I have learned many things over the years, and enjoy using my creative skill in a number of ways, such as solving problems, working more efficiently and expeditiously, and creating new things for a brighter future!


My approach to art stems from my desire to help man develop, better, and refine the world around him. Even in childhood, I focused my creative nature on problem-solving as well as artistic outlets. I enjoyed learning how nature and nurture impact our lives, whether we choose to realize it or not. The boldness and subtlety of nature became integral to my approach when creating art.


I am a Slippery Rock University Bachelor of Arts graduate who majored in Art (2012). My studies ranged from metalsmithing and pottery to drawing and printmaking. After a year traveling, learning Asian culture and absorbing Asian artistic influences, I returned to the United States. Shortly after my return, I met successful sculptor James Myford, who offered advice and encouragement.


There are many things that I enjoy doing. I enjoy art, writing novels, learning science, dancing, occasionally playing and listening to music, reading, as well as traveling.


In my future, I would like to find a balance between my interests in art, writing, science and possibly traveling. I believe that it is important to find balance and stability in one's life.

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Send me an email when you find the right painting for you. Don't miss an oppertunity to invest not only in art, but also happiness!


If you are interested in commissioning a piece, contact me, I’m knowledgeable in many art styles, techniques and am willing to acquire additional skills if required!

Art Lessons

If you are interested in the creative process, and doing it yourself, I can teach you. I've started from scratch, and learned what it takes from start to finish.


The following samples are of honored or recognized works.

Water Reflections

In January 2015, received Honorable Mention from, Four Points Contemporary, 4th Biannual Juried International Art Competition. 18"x12" or 45cm x 30cm


June 2015, received Special Recognition from, Up Stream People Gallery, 12th Annual Color Bold/Subtle Juried Online International Art Exhibition. 48"x60" or 120cm x 150cm

Dark Magic

Named for its dark appearance as well as its ability to entrance all those who gaze upon it. This piece is NOT for sale.

Mysterious Blue

August 2015, received Honorable Mention from, Light Space Time Gallery, Open Theme Exhibition. 36"x48" or 90cm x 120cm

A Hand in Art

December 2015, received Special Recognition from, Up Stream People Gallery, 17th painting, drawing, photography & print juried online international art exhibition. 48"x60" or 120cm x 150cm

Fluid Green

March 2016, received Special Merit Category from, Light Space & Time Gallery, Abstracts Art Exhibition. 36"x48" or 90cm x 120cm


Emil Sennholz is recognized for his large work entitled "A Hand in Art". The interaction with what seems to be created with fingers, reinforced by the red, yellow and blue in the center presents a luscious painterly painting.


“We commissioned a young artist named Emil Sennholz to make a painting for our recently renovated room. He worked quickly and produced a lovely painting that the entire family can enjoy. "Sky Blue Green" was a perfect match for our dining room, and has been enjoyed ever since!”

Annonymous Commissioner



Grove City, PA